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A woman who works with her hands and her head is a craftsperson;

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Multi-media painting on upcycled wood with upcycled frame
A crazy ride.
It's been a rollercoaster in my world lately.
Moving at the speed of light.
In fact, for my birthday this year -
my kids surprised me with a trip to a local amusement park.
A good portion of the day was spent riding roller coasters.
I took on that adventure with a sense of symbolism -
life is a rollercoaster - and one hell of a lot of fun!
And throughout this experience, I have had the chance to jump and jump high.
A few things that have happened. . .
I signed papers for my divorce. That was strange and disconcerting.
But deep down, I knew it was the right thing to do.
Full of every range of emotion possible.
I was able to participate in "the" show of the year.
This was a show I have wanted to participate in for over 6 years - but I was never brave enough to jury in for it.
This year - I took the leap.
I was accepted.
I participated this weekend.
And it was a tremendous success for me.
I was surrounded by some of the most talented women artists in the region.
I was humbled to be a part.
I have been working on a huge PO for one of my wholesale accounts.
The biggest ever.
I was brave and went in and talked to the buyer.
We expanded my line with their stores.
I conquered my gremlin on that one and it paid off.
I have reconnected with old friends.
Friends I haven't spoken with in almost 30 years.
And it feels good.
I have rekindled these relationships and wondered why they were neglected for so long.
It has felt like a warm homecoming.
These are people who knew me well and understand who I am, who I was, and what makes my soul leap.
We have shared laughs, tears, and many wonderful memories.
I have taken mini-vacations to replinish my soul and feed my inspiration.
I have listened to new music.
Looked at amazing art.
Read uplifting books.
I have gone into collaboration with a new business associate.
My work can now be found as a needlepoint patterns at
I have been putting new ideas out there and experiencing the joy of
reaping the rewards.
Now don't get me wrong -
the last four months have been full of a lot of sadness, frustration and a little anger as well.
There has been discouragement.
There has been a constant sense of being overwhelmed.
There has been fear . . .more fear than you can possibly imagine.
But friends and family keep stepping in and lightening the burden.
They have encouraged and lifted me up.
But I am here to say -
I have tested the theory.
I have jumped . . .
and I think I have seen a few wings sprouting back there.
Have you tried it yet?
Go on - jump.
And jump HIGH!

1 comment:

  1. You are AMAZING!!! You have tackled and conquered some of the most arduous tasks this year with such finesse! You should be so proud of yourself!! Sounds like you are propelled forward with a positive outlook, filled with creativity and love!!! Good for you!! You are quite the inspiration!!

    So excited for you in your new endeavors!! Very very cool about the needle point. That means your work will live on for many many years to come!!

    You go girl!!

    Hugs Giggles