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Friday, May 24, 2013

Crossing the Wide Ocean

If you know me at all,
it is no secret that I love the ocean.
I love going to the beach.
I love the sand.
I love to look for treasures that have been washed on shore.
I love the sound of the waves and the sea birds.
I love to watch my dog as he explores the new scents and dodges the water.
I love everything about the beach.
Except for one thing...
Exactly one year ago I was at "my" beach.
And the beginning of the end happened.
Without belaboring the details,
the bottom line is -
it became evident that my marriage was over.
The official words were spoken a week later by my ex husband.
But while I was at the beach, exactly one year ago -
the realization hit.
I have not returned to this section of coastline since.
I have not spent the night.
I have not reveled in the sound and smells of the ocean.
My sanctuary had been robbed from me.
I have been to other beaches -
but not "my" beach.
"My" beach had been taken from me.
It was tainted...poisoned...
It was damaged.
My annual Memorial Day Art Sale is at "my" beach this weekend.
I have struggled with an internal battle as whether I should participate or not.
Fear has settled in.
Fear of facing the emotinal demons.
Fear of slipping backwards.
The fear has slipped in and poisoned my self-confidence in this sale and in other aspects of my life.
Not ok.
I made a comment to a wonderful friend -
"this is the anniversary of my life falling apart"...
If that is the case - why would I return to the scene of the crime?
And he responded back by saying -
"this is the anniversary of you reclaiming your life and becoming reacquainted with yourself."
That is true.
Glass half empty - half full.
But this is more than just having a postive outlook.
There is deep truth in that -
This does not have to be a weekend of sadness and regret.
It can - and will- be a weekend of celebration.
Beware all of you coast weekend warriors -
I am headed that direction this weekend.
I will be reclaiming my beach.
I will be taking back my sanctuary.
I will be engaging in some symbolic gestures to mark this milestone.
There may be tears.
They may even be tears of sadness - but there will be more tears of celebration and power and gratitude and humility.
It has been a wonderful year.
It has been full of firsts.
A few key things have included:
reacquainting myself with forgotten friends, strengthening long-term bonds, reintroducing music back into my life in the form of concerts, piano, singing, choir, ukulele and just good ole' listening, dance, travel, theater, spontaniety, joy, laughter, guilt-free dinners of cereal, the ability to dream without limits and most importantly....LOVE.

Love for others. Love for myself.
I have discovered what love is over the last year.
And I have discovered what love is not.
And most importantly....I have learned the difference.
So yes - I will be at the beach this weekend.
My beach.
And if I am lucky enough to be at the beach - I am lucky enough!
And maybe if I am really lucky...I will sell some art.

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