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Monday, February 14, 2011

Soup Anyone?

Bacon, carmelized onions, carrots, celery and potatoes all sauteing in the pot!

Saturday was a crazy weather day. It started sunny and quite pleasant. In the afternoon, the wind started whipping and the rains came a tumbling down!
By Sunday morning, I just felt the need for comfort.
 Comfort in a bowl to be exact.
I don't know about you, but I could eat hearty yummy homemade soup just about every day in the winter.
And my favorite?
Navy bean.
Thick, creamy, full of vegetables, navy bean!

Add the dried beans . . .saute some more! Ooh - don't you wish you could smell this?

After the addition of broth, some key seasonings and a few hours of slow cooking - we are ready!
Paired with some toasted pita bread . . .our patience is rewarded.
The perfect end to a winters day.
Well . . .almost the perfect end.
We did finish if off with a game of dominos -
that made it perfect!

Now I am ready for the week!
What is your perfect comfort food? Do share . . .

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