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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rock a bye baby . . .

Last summer I was driving through my neighborhood and saw a garage sale. Being the junk junkie that I am, I slowed to see if there anything caught my eye. And there it was. A perfect little children's wooden rocking chair. What is a girl like me to do? I pulled over and was prepared to walk away disappointed. Afterall, I never know if the joints will be strong, if the chair is in good shape, if the price is right. I looked it over, inspected it, and asked the price. It was my lucky day! I brought the chair home and waited for the right moment to transform it. This sweet little rocker was very patient with me, and tonight I put the finishing touch on it.

Here is side view - I love the black and white checkerboard on the rungs . . .
Here is a close up of the chair. It says "With imagination, anything is possible."

And finally, a front view of the chair.

This sweet little chair is just waiting for a little girl to rock her sweet baby to sleep.


  1. MY Goodness this is one cute chair!!!! My sister Pam Polito who you made a beautiful chair for works with you and please give her info on this chair if you still have it. You are so talented and I enjoyed looking at your art very much. Maria Rolph

  2. Thanks for your comments, Maria. I really appreciate it. I will chat with Pam - and feel free to drop back by often!