A woman who works with her hands is a laborer;

A woman who works with her hands and her head is a craftsperson;

A woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an....


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Greetings. Namaste. Hello.
I know. 
April was the last post. 
Not very diligent of me. But I am here now. Life has settled again after some crazy upset. Things will be "back to normal" now. 
So - I will dispense the excuses and move forward...
Here we go.

Happy New Year
Yes. I know it is September. 
Allow me to explain...

Summer is winding down like an old grandfather clock that someone forgot to fully wind. 
The days are shortening.
The temperatures, though still warm during the days, are cooler at night and are starting to require a blanket.
The day has that feel of autumn chill just beginning to creep in. 
The sun reaches us from a different angle and the shadows are lengthening.
The grasses and corn in the fields of the nearby farms are brown and turning crispy and dry.
I have to remember to grab a sweater as I head out the door "just in case". 
I am craving wool socks, sweaters and most importantly ... my boots. I am so ready to wear my boots.

It is the month of back to school.
It is the month of my birthday.
It is my preferred New Year.

As a parents I always viewed September as "the start"...the "new beginning."
It was the time of new supplies - both for my children and for me. 
Pencils were long with full erasers and no "chew" marks.
The box of crayons displayed each colored wax stick with a perfect sharp tip and they were still neatly lined up like little soldiers.
It was a time when I stocked up on some basics to stash in my box of art supplies - new black markers, new mechanical pencils, new tape, maybe a composition book or two.
The shoes are new and clean, the socks still match and hair was actually combed and styled before the kids headed out the door.

It a month that marks change. 
Change in routines...change in schedules...change in attitudes.
Goals are set. New schedules creates. Bedtime routines replace lazy summer evenings. Mornings are still somewhat organized because we are willing to get up on time.

My children are grown.
I find myself, this year, still feeling as if it is summer. 
The typical markers that signify change are not as prevalent in my life anymore.
The "back to school" sales at stores no longer hold me hostage while I try to check each item off the classroom supply list. 
I'm not carpooling. I'm not signing the stack of back to school papers, updating contact information.
I'm free of this anxiety.
but I still view this time of year as the true "New Year". 
Partly because of the life-long programming - but also because it is indeed the start of my own personal New Year.

Being a September baby, it is a time of reflection for me.
A time of reviewing my past year...
Did I cross anything of my bucket list (why yes - I did).
Did I accomplish my goals (some... ok. Many - but not all).
Did I remember to have fun? (Yes! Most definitely)
Did I move forward? (I think I did).
What were the highlights?
And finally...what am I expecting and hoping for in the next year?

1. to make  a full-time income as an artist.
2. to travel to Hawaii to witness my dear friends renew their vows and celebrate their glorious 30 years together.
3. to see the Painted Hills in Oregon ( goal that will be achieved in just a few short days)
4. to create one piece of art each month - just because.
5. hike
6. bike
7. to practice yoga and meditate regularly
8. to try a new restaurant or coffee shop at least once a month
9. to teach workshops and classes
9. lead a women's art retreat
10. learn a new skill...just for fun
11. sing. every. single. day.
12. play music on one of my instruments. every. single. day.
13. go on a road trip...alone
14. go on a road trip - with an unplanned destination - with someone special
15. dance under the stars
16. tell someone that they are loved every. single. day.
17. listen. to those around me
18. listen. to my heart.
19. listen. to my body.
20. show and feel gratitude. every. single. day.

So those are my new years resolutions. Come January 1st...when everyone else is deliberating the new year, I will be settled in and already comfortable with the idea.
Happy Birthday to me...
Happy New Year.Happ